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Lianming Wang

Dr. Lianming Wang


Dr. Lianming Wang
Assistant Professor, Chinese Art History
Academic Advisor

Room: 317
Tel.: 06221 - 54 3387
Fax: 06221 - 54 3384


Office hours

Lecture period  
Tuesday 10 am – 12 pm  
Thursday 2 – 4 pm only by appointment
and pre-registration via E-Mail


Courses in winter semester 2017/18

Exkursion nach Berlin: 3 Days-Fieldtrip to Berlin, planned from November 17-19, 2017
Paradiese in der chinesischen Kunst / Paradises in Chinese Art
Propädeutikum III: Gattungen und Techniken in der Kunst Ostasiens


Research interests

  • Transcultural aspects of art history
  • 17th century chapel
  • Issues in early modern visual culture with a special attention on the circulation of Western images in China
  • Jesuit buildings in East Asia
  • Imperial painting workshops and court painting in the Qing dynasty


Memberships of Professional Organizations

  • Society of Architectural Historians (since 2015)
  • European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology (since 01.2014)
  • Deutsche Vereinigung für Chinastudien e.V. (since 10.2013)
  • American Society of Renaissance Studies (since 01.2013)
  • American Association for Asian Studies (since 07.2012)
  • Verband deutscher Kunsthistoriker (since 01.2010)
  • Heidelberg Graduate School for Humanities and Social Sciences (10.2009-10.2012)


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Latest Revision: 2018-01-16
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